Kate Middleton to Have Twins

Kate Middleton is not only pregnant, she is expected to have twins, reported Star magazine. Prince William and Kate were informed about the twins just before they began their Asian tour.

A family friend told Star, Kate visited her pediatrician on Harley Street in late August, where she had an hCG test. The hormone tests indicated that she will be having twins. That’s why she has been smiling even after her topless photos scandal created an uproar in the Royal family.

Earlier this month, Star reported about Kate pregnancy citing sources that Prince William and Kate spent a lovely night on a country house in an Wales’s estate, just after the London Olympics ended.

Star also reported that Prince William unintentional revealed that Kate is expecting twins during their Singapore tour on September 12, when a young boy asked William how many children they are going to have by which Will replied “Two”.
Also while in Singapore, The Duchess toasted the Queen with water instead of the traditional Champagne which indicates that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, there isn’t of any history of twins in the Middleton family. One of Kate’s kin tells Star, if Kate is the first one with twins in the family, it’s going to be wonderful.

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