Kate Middleton to get “Antique Baby Gifts” from the Queen Elizabeth II

It’s no wonder that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be getting loads of expensive gifts from all over the world for their baby due this July; it’s the rare antique royal presents that really count that too, from the Queen herself!

Now Magazine reported that Kate will be receiving a Silver Cross pram crafted for the Queen Elizabeth and it’s been in use by the Royal family generations ever since.

Besides the pram, an imitation of Queen Victoria’s christening gown made in 1841, which has been worn since 2004, is set be worn by the Duchess and Prince William’s child. And arguably the best second hand present until now, The Queen Elizabeth II’s rocking horse, given to her by her mother when she was still Princess Elizabeth.

In addition, Kate and Prince William will have free ownership of Queen Victoria’s children’s toys. The royal pair has also been granted with the permission to borrow anything they like from the collection which is located in a museum.

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