Kate Middleton to attend the British Military Tournament

On Monday, Kate Middleton and Prince William made an announcement that they will be attend the British Military Tournament to be held in December. The annual event is famous for the breathtaking performances by the military theater and for raising funds for the military’s all three divisions of service.
The show will have reenactments of war and death defying stunts.

The event’s spokesman said, “We are thrilled that TRH, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend this year’s British Military Tournament. “To have The Duke and Duchess in attendance is a true honor.”

Worth noting is that, whenever, Kate and Prince William declared that they will attend a fund raising event, the ticket sales seem to increase. Potential event attendees are also saying that the Duke and Duchess presence is a part of the whole show.

However, the show will be a great spectacle and of course, good old family fun. The two-hour show will have a screening of the life of The Queen Elizabeth II, but the public may drop by early to see the military exhibits.
And as always, Kate Middleton and Prince William will add glamour to the entire spectacle.

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