Kate Middleton to attend the annual Christmas Bash

Prince William and Kate Middleton are definitely going to be popular attendees and dance partners as well, when the couple will join the annual Christmas bash in London, after being postponed for two years.

The extravagant party will take place at the Buckingham Palace and will be hosting over 2000 guests, with most of them being palace servants and staffs and almost the entire royal family, according to Showbiz Spy on Sunday, December 2.

A source at the palace said, “Everyone is delighted it is back. The Christmas bash is a rare opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and have a great night.”

The celebration which is held every year has been put on hold for the last two years, due dire economic times. The Queen doesn’t like to party, when her royal subjects are in need.

However, times are better now, and the Duchess will be making her debut at the staff party on December 17, as she wasn’t a royal at that time. It’s expected that Kate Middleton and Prince William will probably dancing with everyone and that will take a lot time and energy.

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