Kate Middleton Told Friends That She Had A Perfect, Natural Labor

royal babyWhile going to the delivery room, Kate Middleton hoped that she would have a completely natural birth procedure, and that’s exactly what happened.

The 31-year-old Duchess gave birth to her first baby boy Prince George on July 22, naturally and without any complications, and it all turned out so well the Kate termed it as “perfect”.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, citing a source, Kate, who is married to Prince William, 31, told her closest girlfriends that she had a relatively smooth straightforward delivery and there were no complications. The source added that Kate wanted a natural birth and she was very happy as she had one.

Meanwhile, a close family friend George Brown told Vanity Fair that he wasn’t surprised about Kate’s natural birth and her quick take on her new found motherhood. He said Kate was competent and fit, and she grasped motherhood pretty well. George also said when he was visiting her; she was happily breastfeeding her son and seemed to know perfectly what she’s doing.

However, just because Kate had a natural and complication free birth process it doesn’t mean it was easy! In fact, she had to go through a grueling 11 hours of painful labor before her son was born and she faced that without taking any painkillers!

According to NY Post, Kate insisted on experiencing the stressful process in a natural way, so she refrained to have any medications.

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