Kate Middleton Spills Secrets About Her Pregnancy

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamKate Middleton has so far kept mum on becoming a mom for the first time, until now.

The 31-year-old duchess for the first time revealed that just like any other soon-mom-to-be the most contentious stage of any pregnancy is picking the name of her baby.

During a homeless shelter visit in Glasgow, Scotland, accompanied by her husband Prince William on Thursday, April 4, Kate said that her friends keeps texting her names. Kate said that she and Prince William has shortlisted names both for a boy and girl, but stopped short on spilling any more clues if their first child would be boy or a girl.

The world have to wait until mid-July to find the gender of their baby and the baby’s name, which Kate confirmed on Thursday that she’s due at that time, according to The Mirror. Earlier, Kate admitted that she prefers to have a boy, while Prince William wanted a girl.

Kate and Prince William along with his father Prince Charles traveled to Scotland for a two-day on Friday, where they will be opening a new outdoor sports facility for the children.

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