Kate Middleton seen shopping in London

Kate Middleton headed out to do some shopping on Saturday, November 10, in London with her glossy brown locks tied in a ponytail.

The Duchess arrived at the London’s flagship Harvey Nichols store in downtown London, looking more like an ordinary customer than a royal, but obviously everyone recognized her eventually.
According to Celebuzz.com, the Duchess of Cambridge left the store with no bags on her hands may be she got her purchased items delivered.

Kate Middleton went all black for this little shopping trip with a black warm winter coat with black hose and topped off with black heels.

Kate is well known for her liking of quick shopping trips by herself. She also prefers to dress up separately for different ways for various occasions.

Plenty of people gathered by the time Kate came out of the store. She hopped on to a black Land Rover and the driver drove away.

Though, Kate Middleton and Prince William do love spending time at the Wales’s cottage, but when it comes to shopping, London is definitely better.

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