Kate Middleton Ready For A Caesarean Delivery

kate middletonWith only few weeks of pregnancy, Kate Middleton is taking important decisions regarding how her first child will be delivered.

The 31-year-old Duchess will follow the doctors’ advice on whether she will or not will have a C-section delivery. Yes, Kate will leave the matter to the royal doctors’ to decide which procedure is appropriate for the royal baby’s delivery.

Royal correspondent Robert Jobson told Now magazine that the decision is in the hands of the royal doctors. He also said that Kate will leave all the decisions to the doctors on her delivery day, whether it is a natural birth and what pain control she’ll need in case she requires a Caesarean.

Meanwhile, breaking away from the royal traditions it’s considered that Kate will breastfeed her baby, like the late Princess Diana. Princess Diana was reportedly the first royal who breastfed her first child Prince William.

It’s also claimed that Kate’s husband Prince William will be at the delivery room with Kate, when she gives birth to their first child.

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  1. A: The Prince or Princess of Cambridge will jump to third-in-line to the throne following Prince Charles and Prince William. The birth of the royal child pushes Prince Harry from third to fourth in line.

  2. Why can’t she have a natural delivery? She looks like she’s capable of doing it to me. Giving birth is not that difficult unless you fight the pain, and the pain doesn’t last long.

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