Kate Middleton Puts in the Cover of Vanity Fair

It is surprising that the Duchess of Cambridge is seen on the cover page of a renown glossy. Question aroused in our mind that did the graceful Princess finally surrender after months of assumed begging for only an interview with Vanity Fair? The answer is ‘No’.

Kate Middleton doesn’t give shot for the magazine. No, Vanity Fair did its issue of September without help of Kate, but they did receive some dish on the living and dressing like a royal.

For instance, the dress Kate word in the cover is a pleated lilac chiffon dress by Alexander McQueen. It and her earrings were gifted by her grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth-ІІ. Vanity Fair found out the secret of becoming so skinny that is being rich, specifically “tennis, deerstalking and Buckingham Palace swims”.

For the gorgeous skin, the magazine gives a very interesting tip in ridicule : “bee-venom facial with Camilla”.

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