Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Takes A Secret Getaway In Scotland

According to reports Kate Middleton and Prince William had taken a romantic break on the Queen’s Scottish estate of Balmoral prior to the upcoming the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are staying in the lovely Tam-na-Ghar cottage for some private time together after their tiring Olympic fortnight.

Royal observers say that the place a great significance to both Prince William and Kate Middleton as they once spent a joyous Hogmanay there before they got engaged.

Ingrid Sewell, Majesty magazine’s editor said, the pair are big romantics so they like to come back to places that mean a lot to them.William would like to spend a romantic and special moments in cottages that are more isolated in the estate, she added.

It was unveiled last week that the Duchess wanted to lie low after the hectic Olympic schedules, so that she can take some time to prepare for her official second overseas tour. It’s said that Kate will have a relaxed schedule the coming weeks, so can enjoy some private time with Prince William ahead of the Diamond Jubilee tour.

During their Royal tour, Prince William and Kate will visit Borneo’s rain forests as well as Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu beginning on Tuesday, September 11.

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