Prince William’s Son Have To Wait Decades To Be King

the British monarchy On Monday, July 22, Kate Middleton gave birth to her first son, who is in direct accession to become the future king of England. But how exactly how long, should Prince William’s first son and the first grandson of Queen Elizabeth II have to wait to become king?

The royal baby is in third in line to the British throne, but it could take decades before his reign starts. Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, 64, will soon become the longest waiting king, surpassing William IV, who became king at age of 64 and 10 months, after the death of his brother George IV in 1830.royal baby
Since the first King of England, William (The Conqueror), the average age of accession has been 31, which is Prince William’s present age. The reason the future kings and queens have to wait so long to ascend the throne is that life expectancy has increased, and there are no to fewer challenges to their power.

The youngest king to rule England was Henry VI, who became king in 1422 at age of 9 months, when his father died Henry V suddenly died, possibly of dysentery.

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