Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Baby Plans

It’s time to make a baby!

With Queen’s Diamond Jubilee over, Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally making baby plans.

The Duchess of Cambridge at last settling down as a princess she is hopefully ready to procreate an heir for her understanding and loving hubby, Prince William.

However, the question remains will the Duke and the Duchess have the time for baby making?

According to a member of the Royal’s social circle, Life & Style magazine reported that William and Kate are putting in all their efforts to have a baby and would love to be expecting by the year’s end.

The couple’s effort to start a family was delayed by Royal duties. They didn’t want to do anything that will disrupt the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics. Now as all that waving and smiling are over, for now, the couple are now holidaying at their Wales beach cottage for some alone time and out of the public spot light.

The insider said Kate just wanted to hide away in Wales from the attention and public and focus on producing the future King or Queen of England.

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