Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Baby Nursery Plans Revealed

kate middleton baby bumpEven though, Kate Middleton has married a royal, she still can’t forsake her commoner roots.

The 31-year-old Duchess right now is enjoying furnishing and decorating her new baby’s nursery, but the future King or Queen of England’s new room will be more down-to-earth than being opulent.

Kate and her husband Prince William currently resides in Nottingham Cottage near to Kensington Palace, which is a modest two-bedroom home. They will stay there until their mammoth 20-bedroom apartment at 1A in Kensington Palace is complete and will move in there when their first child is born in mid-July.

A source near to the royals told Us Weekly that they have prepped a small and humble nursery as Kate thought that it would be wasteful to spend too much. The nursery is decorated beautifully and an artist has also been involved, the source added.

The source also said that Kate wants the baby to sleep in their room so that to be very close to the baby in the first few weeks as she thinks it’s crucial for bonding.

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