Kate Middleton & Prince William made into a cake

Prince William was gifted with a specially prepared cake when he attended the charity dinner for St Giles Trust on Wednesday night. Kate Middleton was nowhere to be seen.

The cake depicted the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate Middleton’s in Prince Charles’ blue vintage Aston Martin post wedding ride following their royal marriage in 2011.
However, the figures of William and Kate in the cake didn’t look anything like them.

The charity St Giles Trust helps in getting criminal offenders back on their feet so that they become productive and stop committing further crimes.

Prince William, who was the guest of honor at the event, said that he is truly inspired by the charity. The Daily Beast quoted the Prince saying, “What started as a small soup kitchen for the homeless and destitute has become one of the leading charities in this country helping ex-offenders to reform, resettle, and – critically – to break out of the costly and destructive cycle of reoffending.”

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