Kate Middleton, Prince Harry Thrashed By British Rocker

The British royal family has been through a lot of rough weeks and amidst this, a UK rock singer has contributed his rather harsh two cents.

Steven Patrick Morrissey or other known as, “Morrissey” from “The Smiths”, a British rock band slammed Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and the entire British Monarchy basically after the two recent nude photos scandals made in to the public view.

In an recent interview with Australia based Herald Sun, Morrissey said, he wasn’t much surprised by Harry’s nude photos in Las Vegas, as he thinks he was behaved like an idiot and describing the British royals the most dysfunctional, arrogant and unpleasant people in the world. They all should resign and retire, referring to the whole royal family, Morrissey continued.

Morrissey, who has always been critical of the royals, didn’t stop his ranting there. He went on to describe that the monarchy is “useless” business at first, whose “excessive and luxurious lifestyles” have to be funded by the public.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is has been deployed in Afghanistan’s front lines for four months while Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William has just returned to the UK after ending their 9- day Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour of the Far East and the Pacific Islands.

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