Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again After Suffering A Miscarriage?

kate middletonIs the Duchess of Cambridge pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage? Well, it appears that the rumors won’t stop until the palace gives an official announcement, one way or another.

However, it seems like the there won’t be an official confirmation, at least for now, so we will just have to figure it out, whether Kate Middleton is pregnant again after her presumptive miscarriage from all the gathered evidences instead.

To be very realistic, it’s highly dubious that Kate, 32, is pregnant at the moment. First of all, she’s been actively going out, hanging out with her friends, planning parties and of course, shopping. Remember, when she was pregnant with her first son, Prince George, whom she gave birth in July last year, she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness and other pregnancy issues? Well, there’s no indication of all that, and she won’t that active, if that was the case. Besides, it’s been confirmed that Kate will be going on a solo royal trip to Malta, and plus, she also has a wedding to attend to in Italy next month.

So, we can safely say that Kate is definitely not having a baby. So what do all these mean for the royals? To recap, it was the Vanity Fair magazine that first reported that Kate and Prince William are trying for a second child during the summer. Now that the summer is almost ending, does this mean that Kate and William have failed to give Prince George a sibling or was the report false?

In addition, we also like to deny Kate’s slight weight gain over the last few months, but that one is pretty easy to let go, considering that one’s weight can fluctuate over time, and Kate was under a lot of pressure after she returned from her tour of New Zealand and Australia. Plus, she also has a baby to take care of, and that will no doubt, will affect her physical appearance.

From all these observations, laid out separately, we have to come to terms and say that Kate isn’t pregnant. Her former BFF, Jessica Hay, was clearly lying or wrong when she earlier said that Kate is expecting her second child. And even if she was right, then we have to say that the royal has become masters in keeping secrets, because they have concealed every ounce of evidence which points out Kate’s possible pregnancy.

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