Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Second Baby, Confirms The Palace

kate middletonThis breaking news first came from a friend at the royal palace.

Jessica Hay, a close friend of Kate Middleton has told the New Idea magazine that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her second baby. This recent report follows after rumors that Kate, 32, is actually struggling with anorexia symptoms.

So what do we know about Jessica Hay? Well, she’s the woman who confirmed Kate’s first pregnancy back in 2012. Kate later gave birth to her first son, Prince George in July 2013. Now, it appears that she has leaked about Prince William’s wife second pregnancy again as well.

Jessica also told the publication that all of Kate’s friends know that she’s pregnant. She told that Kate’s inner circle know that she’s pregnant as she has it from several of her friends and she like other think that there’s going to be an official announcement from the Palace within weeks.

However, these aren’t the only speculations surrounding Kate’s current status these days. There have been a lot of laughable newspaper reports in recent weeks that suggest that Kate might actually be battling an eating disorder, probably anorexia. One tabloid named In Touch claimed that Kate weighs less than 100 lbs. now, and yeah, that tabloid is also claiming that she’s pregnant.

According to them, Kate brought down her weight to 91 lbs. by starving herself, even though the same publication reported that she’s putting on extra weigh as she’s pregnant. How can you be pregnant and anorexic at the same time?


Meanwhile, Sir Marcus Setchell, who delivered Prince George, last July, has opened up about his role in the birth of the royal baby. The Queen’s gynecologist/surgeon, who was retired at that time, decided to deliver Prince William and Kate’s firstborn after a special request from the royal couple.

Sir Marcus, 70, revealed on the BBC Radio 4 about he dealt with the pressure. He told that he had to remind himself that Prince William and Kate were just like any other healthy young couple, giving birth to a hopefully a very healthy baby. The doctor also told that he had to constantly remind himself of it so that the media pressure from outside the hospital didn’t affect him.

Sir Marcus with a team of doctors had delivered Prince George at the exclusive Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in London. He also was responsible to look after Kate when she was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness, at the start of her pregnancy.

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