Kate Middleton Plans A Baby Shower

Kate Middleton baby showerBreaking away from royal traditions, soon-mom-to-be Kate Middleton is planning a baby shower.

The 31-year-old duchess has break loose from the royal customs again and celebrating her pregnancy with the event that is typically performed by commoners, not by royal families and her sister Pippa Middleton is planning the whole fun affair, claims a new report.

Though a baby shower is fun and most mothers-to-be looks forward for it, it isn’t exactly a tradition with the royals. Neither Queen Elizabeth II nor Queen Victoria had baby showers for their first-born child’s, but Kate isn’t like other royals.

Kate’s friend told OK! Magazine that the baby shower was Pippa’s idea. Though it isn’t traditionally performed by the royals and or even in the UK, Kate is hoping that her husband Prince William and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II will attend the event. It’s all going to be relaxed and fun and Kate hopes the Queen will come as the two are very close.

Both Kate and the Queen have bonded very well are enjoy each other’s company. As this is a first time for the royals, the Queen will love it, the friend added.

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