Kate Middleton photographed in a bikini with baby bump

Kate Middleton photographedDespite being one of the world’s most private islands and top security, Kate Middleton was photographed strolling with her husband Prince William in a bikini with her baby bump clearly visible, according to The Mirror.

The 31-year-old Duchess took a vacation on Mustique Island, which is a secluded island in the Caribbean last week. It’s not clear if a photographer is residing on the island, which provides top notch security to its high profile visitors or if the pictures were taken from a offshore boat.

A disgruntled royal aide said it’s unfortunate for the royal couple that they can get any privacy whatsoever.

The photographs can fetch £250,000 if sold to publications worldwide and can possibly start a bidding war with publications in US, Europe and Australia.

However, the Sunday people decided not to see the photos and the British media too won’t be printing them either.

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