Kate Middleton On The “Watch List” Of Forbes 2012 Lists Of Powerful Women

Forbes magazine this week released the list of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in the World 2012 and apparently Kate Middleton didn’t make it to the top 100.

Apparently, the Queen did. In fact the Queen climbed up 23 spots from last year’s where now she is at 26.

Even though the Duchess got more media spotlight than the Queen she wasn’t on the top 100 lists but the magazine mentioned her name on the watch list for the next year.

Meanwhile, Kate is more powerful in terms of fashion than the 86-year-old Queen which is seemingly evident judging by all the media both online and print.
However, still no one in the UK can beat the Queen at the moment in some departments.

Forbes prepares their list including women from the world over who are leading personalities in politics, entertainment, technology and philanthropy.

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