Kate Middleton is the most favorite celebrity Britons want to have tea with

Prince Harry likes to party, but British residents would rather have a cup of tea with Kate Middleton.

In a poll conducted by BRITA, released on Thursday, it was revealed that, the Duchess of Cambridge topped the list of celebrities the Brits would like to share a drink with.

It comes as a no surprise that, Kate Middleton even edged out The Queen in this category. There are lot of Brits, would love to know if they were given that one opportunity, there’s the hair, the shoes, the clothes, the photos and don’t forget to exclude the royal baby.

Even though, the future Queen of England, leads the list for the much desired drinks party, the present England’s Queen isn’t far away. Queen Elizabeth II trails in at the second spot followed by Olympic gold winner Bradley Wiggins, The Duke of Edinburgh and singer and songwriter Gary Barlow.

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