Kate Middleton is Not Pregnant

An insider said that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is not with child. It was specutlated that she would be announcing she was pregnant soon, since at the end of this month, her and Prince William will be celebrating their one year anniversary. Kate was seen two weeks ago drinking some Sherry at a St. Patrick’s day celebration, and went skiing last week in France. There have been many rumors since last November that she was pregnant since she would not taste peanut butter when she was in Denmark.
It was also reported that a trip to Africa has been put on hold. Kate would require some vaccinations for this trip and since the vaccinations are harmful to a fetus, they postponed the trip. Magazines have reported that Kate has started to take prenatal vitamins, is trying to gain some weight, and has begun in vitro fertilization. The queen would love to see them have a child soon as she has paid $200,000 for a nursery in hopes that the couple will start working on a family soon. Maybe a baby will be in the future for them soon. Prince William just returned after being gone for 6 months in the Falkland Islands with work as a rescue pilot.

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