Kate Middleton Is Having A Boy, Says Prince Harry

kate middletonApparently, Prince Harry is so excited over the fact on having a nephew.
It’s been reported that Prince Harry has been telling everyone that Kate Middleton and Prince William are having a baby boy.

A source told The Mirror that he’s been telling everyone that Kate and Will are having a boy and that he’s thrilled of having a nephew. The source also said that, besides Harry, the whole royal family is excited of Kate having a boy as he always wanted a boy.

Now, that the 31-year-old Duchess is having a boy, but one thing still remains a secret, the baby’s name.

If this report is true, than we really appreciate Kate for relieving us from the suspense, as we are pretty sure that she will having a daughter after she knowingly gave up so many hits

The most mentionable of them is when Kate visited the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, England on March 5 and was presented a teddy and Duchess responded as saying that she’ll take that for her “d” and stopped right there, which we assumed that for a daughter.

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