Kate Middleton Is Breastfeeding Baby Prince George Alexander Louis

royal babyNew mom Kate Middleton was under great pressure to breastfed her new born baby, even before she gave birth. Now, that her baby boy Prince George Alexander Louis is born, she’s already turning in a pro!

Kate, 31, who is married to Prince William, gave birth to her first child on July 22. The royal couple named their baby boy on July 24.

According to reports from royal insiders, the Duchess has begun breastfeeding Prince George and the baby has a healthy appetite and is developing well.

A senior royal source told The Mirror’s Sunday People that Kate has gotten the hang of it and will keep breastfeeding Prince George. The source continued that she first experienced some difficulties, but after some help from the midwife, she caught up pretty quickly. Kate also finds breastfeeding very relaxing and the little baby boy is very hungry and can’t get enough of it.

However, the source said Kate don’t want to be photographed breastfeeding her baby as she doesn’t wants to became a role model for the breastfeeding lobby. She thinks that it’s a personal choice and every new mother should do what she feels is best for her and her baby.

The source added that Kate will be completely dependent on breastfeeding for the baby’s early months, dumping the bottle in favor of the more traditional practice.

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