Kate Middleton insisting on hiring only one part-time nanny, to quit junk food

Kate Middleton is said to quit all unhealthy and processed food items until her first child is born, according to reports. The Duchess of Cambridge also insists in hiring only one part-time nanny to bring up her child.

Us Weekly quoted an insider as saying, “Kate promised herself she would only eat healthy until the birth, As soon as she can eat normally again, she’ll be avoiding processed foods.”

On her child upbringing, Kate is also breaking away from the royal traditions by taking help from one part-time nanny, as she and her husband, Prince William want to hands-on parents.

“They’re very outdoorsy. I’m sure it will be the same with the kids, playing outside and going for walks,” the source told Us Weekly.

According to royal traditions, before Kate and Prince William, the British Monarchs appointed full-time nannies in the upbringing of their broods.

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