Kate Middleton Hints That She Will Be Having A Baby Girl

Kate Middleton Hair PicturesThe Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton hinted out on Tuesday (March 5) that she and her husband Prince William’s first child will be a baby girl.

The 31-year-old unknowingly spilled the news while accepting a white teddy bear from one Diana Burton, 41, during her official tour of Grimsby, according to The Daily Telegraph newspaper. When receiving the gift, Kate thanked her said she will take it for her d…and stopped there. Another well-wisher nearby said, you were going to say “daughter” and in reply Kate smiled and said “we don’t know”.

Meanwhile, a source confirmed to Us Weekly that Kate and Prince William recently learnt about the sex of their baby but they haven’t only told it to their parents.

If it’s a baby girl for the royal couple, then it’s really big news and even bigger for the UK. Recently, Queen Elizabeth II decreed that if Prince William and Kate have a daughter then she will be called a “Princess” and referred as “Her Royal Highness”. In addition, William and Kate’s firstborn daughter will also be in line to succeed the throne.

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