Kate Middleton Hailed For Handling Her Pregnancy With Grace

kate middleton Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez praised soon mom-to-be Kate Middleton for handling her pregnancy with a lot “grace and integrity”, despite being in the spotlight.

The 43-year-old former American Idol judge told the Stylist magazine that expecting a baby and being in the spotlight isn’t easy, but Kate handled it gracefully and with a lot of integrity, and that makes her what she is.

Kate, 31, who is married to Prince William, is expecting their royal baby in July 13.

Earlier, even being 8 months pregnant, the Duchess arrived with the royal family members at Westminster Abbey on June 4 for the Queen’s coronation ceremony. The Queen coronation took place in 1953. This will be one of Kate’s final royal appearances before taking a maternity leave on June 13.

Kate’s final engagement day will be on the same day, when she will christen a cruise ship, Royal Princess in Southampton, and that will be the last day we’ll see her before the baby is born.

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  1. Kate has already admitted she’s nervous about giving birth, which will come as no surprise to any mother. But having a baby is just a “leeetle” bit different if you’re a royal. The mystique, importance and sense of tradition involved in removing a royal bun from its regal oven means it’s altogether more of a procedure than the mere ‘childbirth’ experienced by the rest of us.

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