Kate Middleton goes to a local Starbucks coffee with her dog, Lupo

Apparently, Kate Middleton is determined to live her life normally like us mere mortals.

The 31-year-old royal who is due to give birth to her first child was recently seen taking a stroll at the Kensington Garden with her pup, Lupo, while she was heading to a nearby Starbucks coffee outlet, according to Us Weekly.

Bodyguards took position nearby and even waited with the Duchess’s dog outside the Starbuck premises as she ordered in a decaf latte with a cookie.

One onlooker told Us Weekly Magazine, that Kate’s hair was nicely done and she was wearing a nice long coat, with a scarf and boots. As she wrapped up in warm attire, her baby bump wasn’t noticeable.

Kate paid for her coffee with her Starbucks card swiping the card by herself, the insider added.

Earlier, in an interview with the Vanity Fair magazine, Kate admitted that leading a royal life can sometimes be very stressful which changing clothes for five times a day.

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