Kate Middleton Gets A Baby Box From The Finland Government

kate middletonPregnant Kate Middleton, who is due in July 14, has been sent a baby box by the Finnish government that is complete with baby sheets, baby clothing, toys and bathing products, diapers and even bra pads. The box made from cardboard can also be doubled as a cot.

The box, which has been sent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was from Kela, Finland’s social security agency. The agency has been delivering these boxes to all expectant mothers in the country for 75 years, according to the BBC. Initially these starter kits for new mothers have been targeted for low income groups, but the policy was changed in 1945, so that all newborn babies get the same start in life.

Heidi Liesivesi, the spokeswoman for Kela, told the BBC that Kela wanted to congratulate the Kate and Prince William for their new upcoming child. As the maternity package gained so much positive response all around the world, the timing was perfect for the royals to have the baby.

The palace spokesman in response told that they were delighted to receive this kind gift from the Finnish government. The spokesman continued that the gift was very thoughtful and they are very grateful for it.

Meanwhile, Kate’s baby will be delivered in the St. Mary Hospital in the next few weeks, the same hospital where Prince William was born. Photographers are already camping outside the hospital premises awaiting the arrival of the royal baby.

After the baby is born, the couple is said to move into their new residence in Kensington Palace in the autumn.

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