Kate Middleton Ends Friendship with Kim Kardashian

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has ended her relationship with Kim Kardashian. She is no longer answering Kim’s phone calls. The two used to be very good friends, but after her divorce scandal from Kris Humphries in which she was only married 72 short days, Kate was warned to cut ties with Kim. Kate did not cut the ties, but after Kim was doused with flour at an awards show by a PETA activist, Kate decided to sever the ties. Kate does say that she felt like a normal person when Kim started talking to her at a charity event they both attended in 2011. Kim has stated that Kate knew what she was going through when she got married since both their weddings were world wide events. It is said that Kate has stopped following her on twitter, deleted her as a facebook friend, and has promised not to watch Kim’s reality show any more. It is reported that Kim is wanting to get back into contact with the Duchess, however, Kate will not respond. Kim would like to get advice on how to land a prince for her next man. Kate wants to be friends with Kim, but Kim’s actions has made it so they will never be friends again.

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