Kate Middleton Defied The Queen By Going Parents’ Home With Her Baby

kate middleton Apparently, Kate Middleton has defied Queen Elizabeth by taking her first son Prince George to stay at her parents’ home in Berkshire.

The Queen was reportedly overwhelmed by the Duchess’s wish to step aside from the royal traditions and take Prince George to her parents’ house instead of the palace after the royal baby’s birth on July 22.

Kate, 31, and her husband Prince William, 31, both stayed at Carole and Michael Middleton’s £4.85 million mansion in Berkshire, Bucklebury for the first few weeks after Prince George’s arrival, before going back to Anglesey, Wales, where Prince William works at the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

According to a new unofficial bio about the Duchess of Cambridge, authored by Katie Nicholl from Daily Mail, it’s been claimed that the Queen and other palace officials were resistant to Kate’s plans citing security issues. In the memoirs, Kate’s family friend George Brown said that he wasn’t sure the Queen was fully supportive of Kate’s idea to take the whole family in Bucklebury, but Prince William supported Kate and it happened. kate middleton

The Queen may also have been disappointed after Kate snubbed her official invitation to stay in Balmoral with Prince William and Prince George.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Prince William and Kate will be moving back to their new residence at Kensington Palace after Prince William completes his duties at the RAF at the end of September.

Recently in an ITV interview, Prince William told how he proposed to Kate on Mount Kenya. He said he didn’t plan it in advance, but he knew he wanted it to be comfortable and to mean something, other than getting engaged. Kate knows that, so he took her to Africa to propose.

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