Kate Middleton Banned from Facebook

It’s not always a good thing to share names with a celebrity, especially when you share it with someone of Kate Middleton’s calibre. According to reports, the unlucky lady has been booted out of her legit Facebook account under the basis of using a false name to register.

The 29-year-old Kate Middleton, who unlike the soon-to-be royal Kate, works as a healthcare worker. It was last week that she found out Facebook had deleted her account and denied her from logging in.

Initially, she was not sure of the reasons. But then she realizes that it was her name that was causing the misunderstanding. Voicing her feelings, she wondered why Facebook didn’t bother checking how she got all her pictures growing up – as well as her family’s pictures.

But all is good now, as Facebook has finally reinstated her account yesterday. In case you’re wondering, there really are many fake Kate Middleton’s Facebook accounts out there.

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