Kate Middleton Asks Sister Pippa Middleton To Keep A Low Profile

kate middleton pippa middletonAccording to Sunday’s (June 30) The Mail report, pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William has asked Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister to maintain a low profile and cut back on her public appearances.

Pippa, who is a regular on the social arena, has been encouraged to lower her profile as this will expose her to criticism. Last week, she was spotted in the Wimbledon’s Royal Box and at the summer party hosted by Sir David Frost, where she mingled with guests like Stephen Fry, Sir Bruce Forsyth and singer Sir Elton John.

Besides, Pippa has also written a piece on this week’s issue of The Spectator. She’s also a contributing editor for the Vanity Fair magazine and has monthly column in Waitrose Food Illustrated.

Now, Prince Harry’s friends have revealed has Kate and Prince William are advising her to tone it down a little. They said that Kate and William didn’t even agree to her to write her party planning book, Celebrate, let alone write regularly for different columns of various magazines.

Pippa has now reportedly is trying to “cutting back” on the number of public events she attends, especially clothing launching events and is trying her best to avoid the cameras.

In other news, Kate is expected to give birth to her first child in the exact same hospital, where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William. Diana gave birth to Prince William is a luxury private suite in St. Mary Hospital. The sex of the royal baby is still unknown and is said to be royal surprise. Pippa and Kate’s mother Carole Middleton as well as Prince William are expected to be by her side when she gives birth.

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