Kate Middleton Apologized To Prince William Over Nude Photos

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is said to have been repeatedly apologized to Prince William after her numerous bottomless pictures have made it to the magazines.

Devastated, the future queen of England can’t help stop apologizing to Duke of Cambridge, as Kate thinks this is her fault and she almost destroyed her reputation and has brought embarrassment to Prince William and the royal family. Some of the recently published photos show Kate completely exposed.

OK! Magazine quoting a source from ContactMusic.com reports, Kate Middleton is mortified. Ever since she and Prince William met, she’s been on guard constantly against embarrassment issues. Whenever they used to hang out with William’s friends, Kate would advise everyone what one should avoid doing, if photographers were around.

It’s the Denmark based gossip magazine, Se Og Hor, where the photos of Kate Middleton taking off her bikini bottoms were published in a 16- page exclusive edition taken from private owned chateau in the South of France, where she was on a holiday with Prince William.

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