Kate Middleton and Prince William revamp their website, posts new pictures

Prince William has posted some new personal pictures on the revamped royal family website, reveals a blog post.

In the redesigned website, Prince William, also known as Flight Lieutenant Wales, in the RAF, Search & Rescue Squadron, posted 10 new pictures.

In the pictures, The Duke of Cambridge is seen making the bed he sleeps while he is away from his wife, Kate Middleton when is on 24-hours duty shifts on the military base on Anglesey. The Prince is also shown working on a computer with a hot drink on his side.

Prince William has been positioned in Anglesey Island since 2010 and the royals stay at a four room rented property on the island. The Prince will be on duty on the island till late summer/early fall in 2013.

As usual, like all other on-duty crew members, he will have to decide to sign a contract on whether he will serve for another few years before the year ends.

Meanwhile, Kate, will post some new images on the site, on Wednesday. The photos will be of the trip to Asia she and Prince William took back in September. The photos are of their first time visit together in the rainforests of Borneo.

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