Kate Middleton and Prince William looking for housekeeper for their Kensington Palace home

kate middleton and prince williamSoon-to-be parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking for a housekeeper for their current home in Kensington Palace.

The royals advertised for the position before, but after their marriage in 2011, they decided not to go ahead as they didn’t want any help at that moment. However, since Kate got pregnant, things have changed and this is one of them. Besides, Kate and Prince William are also relocating to slightly bigger home in Apartment 1A in Kensington, which was formerly the residence of Princess Margaret.

According to Sunday Express, at present 15 applicants are vying for the job so far and responsibilities are, “Ensuring all areas of the residence are cleaned and maintained to a high standard at all times. Caring for and maintaining TRH (The Royal Highnesses) personal clothing, cleaning silverware and glassware and in-house laundry. Interested parties must also be ready to run errands, prepare basic meals when required and care for and exercise dogs.”

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