Kate Middleton And Prince William Getting Ready For Parenthood

kate middletonIt’s only few weeks remaining when Kate Middleton and Prince William will become parents to their first born child.

Ever since they Kate and Prince William got married they’ve been getting a lot of practice by playing with children during their royal appearances. This includes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to various children charities.

Over the past two years, Kate and Prince William have paid visits to many schools, orphanages and hospitals and have made kids laugh and smile with their open, playful spirits and generosity.

One very notable moment was during the royal couple’s tour in Canada in 2011, when Kate met Diamond Marshall, a six-year-old who is suffering from a rare cancer. Photographers took pictures of a beaming Kate reaching down to give tiny tot hug, who has presented her a flower bouquet.

Meanwhile, soon dad-to-be Prince William also adores children. In 2010, England’s future king visited Eresby School in England where he met the kids to celebrate the school’s new kids centre dedicated for those with special needs and learning disabilities. There was a photo of Prince William with a boy in his lap and giving him a warm hug.

Well, that all sums it up, Kate and Prince William will be great parents.

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  1. Prince William made a generous visit to a charity earlier this week, and while he was there all he could talk about was how thrilled he was to become a father ! The prince and Kate Middleton just continue to get more and more adorable, don’t they?

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