James Middleton has got a New Girlfriend

James Middleton, Kate Middleton’s blood brother has found a new girlfriend.

Even although James was broadly rumoured to be lesbian, the Daily Mail asserts that the energetic cupcake maker is going out with swarthy Alejandra Welsh Pena.

The fresh lovers were seen jointly last week at the launch of a handbag store owner by Mischa Barton in East London.

Alejandra, who is half English and half Venezuelan, was studied with James at Edinburgh University and has recently shifted to London, where she is undertaking a two-month internship in a modeling agency at Matching Model.

A source revealed that they looked very pleasant in each other’s presence. They came at the party belatedly and stayed for a little while before turning away to have dinner.

At the party, James had a lot of persons to speak to but he stayed popping back to Pena’s side to observe he she was OK.

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