Hilary Mantel Defends Her Comments About Kate Middleton

hilary mantel and kate middletonHilary Mantel has defended her comments about Kate Middleton she made last month clarifying that the media had taken her words out of context.

The 60-year-old Booker Prize-winning English author was criticized heavily after she labeled Kate as a “shop window mannequin” who has no character during a lecture at the British Museum last month.

But, Hilary in a BBC Radio interview on Thursday (March 7) admitted that her words were “crystal clear” and she feels no regret about her speech and the media has twisted her words out of proportions and directed her criticisms towards the duchess. In the speech, the novelist has explained how the media has projected Kate’s public image and her pregnancy.

Hilary said once Kate get better, the media will find her radiant and the media will discover that Kate’s life meant nothing but only purpose was to give birth. Kate, who is married to Prince William, is expected to give birth to her first child in July. She also said Kate was designed to portray some manners as per the royal family.

Hilary’s comments were high criticized by many high-profile public figures including David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and Ed Miliband, a Labour Party leader.

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