Helicopter On Standby For William As Kate Middleton’s Due Date Nears

kate middletonWith Kate Middleton’s due date just a few days away, it appears that every possible scenario has been covered when the Duchess goes into labor as insiders revealed that the Queen has ordered a high speed helicopter to be put on standby, should Kate goes into labor while Prince William is on duty at the Royal Air Force in Wales.

According to The Mirror newspaper, Queen Elizabeth is persistent that Prince William won’t miss the opportunity to witness the birth of his first child. It’s been reported that the Queen has placed a Sikorsky S-76c helicopter on standby that can fly with speeds up to 175 mph, which will take Prince William from his Anglesey RAF base to London if he’s on duty as a search and rescue pilot.

This means that the Prince can keep working up until his wife’s due date. Kate’s due date is expected to be on June 13.

A source told The Mirror that Prince William prefers to fly that travel by road or train to avoid traffic or delays. He’s promised Kate that he will be by her side which shows that he’s very serious about being a modern dad.

According to reports, Kate will give birth to the royal’s first child in the same St. Mary Hospital located in Paddington, west London, where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William. The Duchess is also said to have a natural birth rather that a Caesarean section.

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