Don’t Call Me Catherine, Says Kate Middleton

This may be signs that the possible future Queen of England likes to keep it informal. Kate Middleton has said that instead of being known as Catherine, the bride-to-be prefers to be known simply as Kate – which is the name’s short form — despite the numerous attempts by courtiers to push for the naming rebrand.

Answering a woman’s question outside Belfast City Hall yesterday about which name she prefers to use, as she joined her future husband on the couple’s first official visit there, Kate answered that she’s still very much Kate.

Efforts to rebrand her as Catherine Middleton have been ongoing for the last couple of months, mainly because the courtiers think that Queen Catherine sounds much better than Queen Kate. Admittedly, the latter sounds much more common. But what’s in a name anyway — when you’re already as classy and elegant as Kate.

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