Did Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Miscarried baby?

We’re hearing some very disturbing news about Duchess Kate Middleton and her weight loss. According to reports, there is much speculation that Princess Kate’s weight loss could be as a result of a miscarriage. One magazine is reporting that Princess Kate could have probably miscarried some 13 weeks after being married. The report said that Kate was taken to a private clinic where she suffered a miscarriage. The report added that her husband Prince William left his job at the air base in Wales to be at his wife’s side. Sources told reporters that it is Princess Kate’s weight loss that could have possibly caused of kate middleton miscarriage.

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  1. I think that Camilla should stay out of Kates affairs. Camilla is causing all of this. Camilla is the one who started all of the lies,decent,not to be trusted and she’s talking to the press secretely. This is a way she can just add more stress Kate, I really don’t think it’s her weight as much as the name calling and back stabing that Camilla puts on her. Camilla is a old pro at this and she knows exactly what she is doing and so does the Queen. The Queen wasn’t born yesterday you know. . Camilla apears to care,but in the same since, she wants Kate out of the picture. The Queen needs to get her out of the Royal famially and clean things up. At what ever the cost is and it should come out of Charles funds or Charles can go with her. The Queen has a beautiful new granddaughter she should focus on the two in love and young and new. the Queen can molds these to into the prefectKing and Queen to be. Get reed of the trouble makers.

  2. Never a truer word spoken Renatta. Camilla has always been a thorn in everyone’s side.

    While she is still in the Royal Family it wii go downhill far too fast for the queen to catch up to it. She is an old troublemaker look what she and Charles did to Princess Diana. Prince Charles and his missus are both a horrible sight to handle> Prince William will have their guts for garters when he gets home> If I woke up[ next to either of them they would get a good swift kick back to England non return.

  3. First I went to say that Kate and William are always looking amazing and I love willam and kates photos on internet i dont know who is in wrong or right but if these comments are right then I think after she the queen reads these comments then she shall make sure she gets something out of this and do something and let William and Kate enjoy their life’s and their first year of their wedding

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