Comic Book of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Now here’s something new to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding. Bluewater Productions, an American publisher, has revealed that they will release a comic book featuring the royal couple — that’s Prince William and his soon-to-be wife Kate Middleton.

After their engagement announcement last year, the couple has taken the world by storm. It’s thought that the wedding will grab the same level of excitement and attention that the Prince’s parents did back in the 1980s.The comic book will be a biography of Prince William. It will tell the story of how he coped with the untimely death of Princess Diana, his mother, his years in school and military — among others. 

The comic will also dish details of the wedding plan, such as what the future princess will wear and where the two will go for a honeymoon. The comic book will also have extras such as pin-up posters and illustrations of the wedding.

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