British MP’s Claim on Kate’s Pregnancy Remarked as Inappropriate

Bucking Palace has denied to comment on new speculation that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Speculation created after the 30-year-old Duchess was photographed at an occasion holding her handbag covering her stomach. Nonetheless, Claire Perry, the conservative MP, told before a group of 250 schoolchildren at Marlborough College that she thought Kate was expecting baby.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the labor party group for Devizes, Sue Buxton said that she thought it was totally inappropriate and a total violation of their privacy. Hugo Vickers, the Royal historian said that Perry might be trying to create a bit of a name for herself by saying controversial comments or she has examined by the same gynecologist.

Royal observer Ingrid Seward said that if Kate is pregnant no one will know about it because she won’t to take away the glory from the Queen’s Jubilee year.

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