7 Million Britons Saw Kate Middleton’s Topless Pictures Online

According to a research, 7 million Britons have seen the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton sunbathing without her top. Only one percent has seen the photos in foreign newspaper and magazines, one in five adults has seen them online.

However, 26 percent of males looked the photos on the internet compared to only 15 percent females. Two-thirds of them think that the photographer should be prosecuted for taking the shots. The royal couple has sued the French magazine, Closer which first published the pictures of a topless Kate while she was sunbathing in a privately owned chateau in south of France.

Police are searching for the suspected British photographer and questioning the chateau staff also where the couple were vacationing. It’s also suspected that the Closer magazine itself hired the photographer to take he photos.
YouGov polled in 1600 people and almost three quarters of them said Prince William and Kate were right to take legal action and those between the ages of 18-24 viewed them the most.

Meanwhile, Laurence Pieau, Closer’s editor has complained to the police after receiving hundreds of hate emails and even a few death threats. Pieau, who has termed criticizing her magazine as “stupid” claims that she has received over 300 insulting emails.
Earlier, the magazine was ordered by a French court to stop selling and publishing Kate’s topless pictures.

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